Battle for Screen Domination!

Battle for the squares!

SquareBattle is a game written in LabVIEW where you create your own team of squares to compete against other peoples teams in an arena. It was created with the following goals:

  • Be a fun way to learn about LabVIEW and Object Oriented Programming
  • Promote community networking and bonding
  • Provide a challenging game that allows players to be creative while rewarding well designed code

Past Tournament Winners

NIWeek 2017:

  • 1st Place: David Sorensen from National Instruments with Oddessy
  • 2nd Place: Mark Balla from Tecnova with AntFarm
  • 3rd Place: Alex Sevey from National Instruments with Uno

NIWeek 2016:

  • 1st Place: Ryan Vallieres from Bloomy
  • 2nd Place: Bryan Heslop from National Instruments

Getting Started

  1. Review the SquareBattle Instructions
  2. Download the source code from the SquareBattle Bitbucket page
  3. Watch the introductory tutorial video.
  4. Build your own square and test it out against the others with the source code.
  5. Submit it on the SquareBattle community page
  6. Contact with any questions or to submit a square

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